About US

Welcome to coinpower.
I want to introduce myself briefly.
I am Mano Crypto and I am the owner of Coinpower.
I started about with crypto-currency
around the year 2013.


Cryptocurrency Investment Experts

I heard bitcoin for the first time
through a gamer and afterwards did research .
What I was discovering was something that actually happens till this day
and only a few people understand. Bitcoin is such an incredibly inovative
system that can help to change the world.
You must have knowledge of the financial system to understand
what bitcoin is.


Block Chain Business & Merchant Solutions

For me it has never been a currency purely for
profits but have always believed in bitcoin. This is
therefore one of the main reasons why I set up this company.
I wanted to learn and explain to as many people as possible
what the bitcoin system actually is . As usual, everyone wants
to earn something , which of course is not wrong. But learn about risk managment and how to invest.
We will therefore go deeper into this and outside of our lessons we now also provide
signals based on Technical Analysis

Smart Solutions

We obviously do a lot more and that is why I recommend to you
especially look further on our website.
Welcome again at coinpower